To be able to play in our casino you need to be registered.

Go to the main page of the casino web site and press REGISTRATION button in the top part of the screen. On the page opened you will be offered to fill in the REGISTRATION FORM. Please, fill in each and all fields, namely:

LOGIN. Here you need to write the user’s name that you will enter each time you log in to our casino. The name can contain Latin characters, figures, spaces, and dashes. Please, take heed that the name must always start with a letter! The name should not be shorter than 3 characters and longer than 128 characters.
EMAIL. Specify your email address. The letter with your registration details will be sent to this email and further it will be used for password reminders in case you forget it.
DATE OF BIRTH. Enter your date of birth. It is required to check if you are beyond the age limit.
COUNTRY. Choose your country from the list.
PASSWORD. Enter the password you are going to use when logging in. the password can contain any text symbols. The password should not be shorter than 3 characters and longer than 255 characters.
REPEAT YOUR PASSWORD. Enter the password you specified in the previous PASSWORD filed here.
After the form is completed, press the square inscribed TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

You will be offered to review the rules of game in GOLDEN CAVE casino. You can accept them by pressing YES, or refuse by pressing NO.

If you accept the rules, in the bottom of the page REGISTRATION button appears. To complete the registration, please push this button.

In case everything is correct, you can enter the casino using your login and password by pressing LOGIN button in the top part of the page.

In case of any problems, contact the Customer Service.