Bitcoin: the best option for gambling

There is a logical explanation to the fact of the cryptocurrencies becoming more and more popular each day: fiat methods of adding funds to the account are often blocked by taxation and other authorities. This became especially relevant in the last days when such methods of payment in online casinos as electronic money and bank cards have been prohibited in Russia.

Bitcoin Slots

A player can use tokens for bets on the slots on all models and in any establishments supporting this type of payment. Bitcoin Slots are rolled more often than others: according to the statistics, about 5 thousand dollars are bet on such machines each minute.

Casinos Accepting Bitcoins (BTC)

The number of casinos accepting bitcoins is increasing each day.

Other casinos operate normally and offer bets not in alt-coins, but standard currencies as well. The process of gaming does not change at all: symbols are gathered in combinations, and users receive their prizes in full. In rare cases, there are exceptions when the gambling machines with bitcoin do not accept any other forms of payments.

Why Do You Have To Use Bitcoin?

A game with bitcoins is as rewarding as in case of a conventional currency: the number of bonuses and gifts from the casino does not become less in any way. Deposit multipliers, free spins, all these and other special offers are made on regular conditions. Since crypto-currency becomes the main payment method in many cases, casinos tend to encourage players to select this option by creating various promotions. However, keep in mind that bitcoin online slots limit withdrawals, so it may turn out difficult to withdraw the full amount at once.

Are Bitcoin Slots Safe?

When you bet in bitcoins, you have a nice bonus: the government cannot trace your payments. You can play in any part of the world in such real conditions. However, it is absolutely safe to bet in bitcoins.

Bitcoin betting is made under the casino’s standard rules. In fact, it’s just a betting method alternative to fiat betting. Such establishments are classified as standalone web resources because they run on their own software. The game process is controlled similarly: the software acts as a dealer as well.