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Diamond Dream

help diamond dreams

  1. Options. From here the player can go back to the lobby, get to the help section or switch off the sound.
  2. Game control panel. By pressing the buttons on the panel, the player executes all the game actions available at definite moment during the game.
  3. Score information. The information concerning the current balance of the player, his bets, and wins is displayed here.
  4. Panel to choose bets. It is used to choose the value. To select a certain value the player should press the token and it will automatically be dropped into the slot machine.
  5. Conversion to coins. Unlike the Score information (left bottom corner) where all the sums are stated in the casino currency the slot machine converses the information of the player’s balance, current bet and win into the tokens of the selected value. These indicators show the conversion information and the selected tokens.
  6. Button to switch off the effects. The player is in the «full-graphics» mode on default, where he can see smooth camera flights, animations, and effects. To switch to a «quick game» mode where all the components are missing the player should press this button.
  7. Information on the round results. This table shows the information on the game results and bonuses.
  8. Payline numbers. These figures show the number of the payline.
  9. Payline. The line that crosses the slots which are in the game.
  10. Paytable. The list where the combinations of the symbols and payoff coefficients are specified.
  11. Winning slot.
  12. Slot.
  13. Winning line. All the slots that develop the winning combination are highlighted.
  14. Button "CHECK BALANS".


  • Buttons — launches the slot machine reel.
  • BET +1 — changes the number of the payline to the next one.
  • MAX BET — changes the number of the payline to the maximum one and launches the reel.

Score information

  • CASH — the player balance
  • BET — the sum of the current bet
  • CASH — the sum of the current win

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