Game rules

Diamond Dream

Diamond Dream is a classic slot machine with 3 reels, 3 paylines that operate separately and bonuses.

The game starts with the player defining the size of his bet. To do so you need to choose a token of some value in the right bottom corner of the window. The token is automatically added to the slot machine and all the information fields in the machine convert the player’s balance into the amount of coins of the determined value.

To choose a payline that will be checked for the winning combination, the player can press BET +1 thus changing the payline to the next one, or press MAX BET setting the payline to the last one by doing so the game launches automatically. It should be noted that the sum of the bet increases in proportion to the sequence number of the line.

The reels launch when pressing SPIN button.

After the reels stop, the machine determines whether there are the winning combinations on the paylines and a bonus game. The combination on a line is considered winning if it contains an unbroken sequence of the symbols of the same kind starting from the last reel on left. All the winning combinations and the coefficients of the payout are specified in the paytable. The paytable covers the payouts on various winning combinations.

When Bonus symbol row or question marks appear, a bonus game becomes available, which launches by pressing SPIN button.

When defining the win sum for a symbol combination, the winning coefficient specified in the paytable for the winning combination is multiplied by the bet made by the player on the line and the sequence number of the line.

When the machine stops, the player can repeat the game by pressing SPIN.


Name of combinations Scores number
Golden color diamonds in a row 1000
Red color diamonds in a row 500
Blue color diamonds in a row 250
Four-leaved clover row 100
Horse shoe row 50
BONUS titles in a row 25, the player automatically makes one more move free of charge
Figures of 3 in a row 10
Symbols of ? in a row 5, the player may make a free move
Empty spaces in a row -
? symbol Right to get a free move if there is an opportunity to get the winning combination by replacing «?» with another symbol. Only the reel containing «?» will re-spin
1 four-leaved clover 5
2 four-leaved clovers 15
Any 3 diamonds 175
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