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Russian Poker

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  1. Options. From here the player can go back to the lobby, get to the help section or switch off the sound.
  2. Game control panel. By pressing the buttons on the panel, the player executes all the game actions available at definite moment during the game.
  3. Score information. The information concerning the current balance of the player, his bets, and wins is displayed here.
  4. Panel to choose bets. It is used to choose the value when betting. To make a bet the player should choose the chip and click it on the bet field.
  5. Button to cancel bets. To cancel a certain bet the player should press the button, hover the «cross» over the bet field, and mouse-click it.
  6. Button to switch off the effects. The player is in the «full-graphics» mode on default, where he can see smooth camera flights, animations, and effects. To switch to a «quick game» mode where all the components are missing the player should press this button.
  7. Information on the round results. It is a pop-up window that appears in the end of a round announcing its results.
  8. Table of the bets available. The minimum and maximum sum of the bet that the player can make on this table is indicated here.
  9. The player’s cards in the first (active) box. The player can act in the box only when it is active.
  10. Cards of the dealer.
  11. The player’s cards in the second (waiting) box.
  12. Notice of the winning combinations. Show the player’s combinations of the highest rank.
  13. The cards the player wishes to change. To select the cards the player wants to change you have to mouse-click them (the second click cancels the selection). The selected cards are marked gray.
  14. Fields for a bet. The areas where the player places his chips to make a bet. In the beginning of the game you can make a bet only on ANTE and B fields, the bets on BET, and I fields are made automatically by pressing the corresponding.
  15. Shoe. A specific device to keep a pack.
  16. Paytable. The list where the card combinations and payout coefficients are.
  17. Play button. The list of game buttons is presented below.


  • DEAL —orders the dealer to deal.
  • PASS — to give up playing further.
  • PLAY — to continue playing while making the main bet equal to double ANTE.
  • CHANGE — replaces the selected cards with new ones.
  • TAKE 6th — takes the sixth card.
  • BUY — to buy a «game» for the dealer.
  • NEW — to start a new game with new bets.
  • REPEAT — allows you to start a new game repeating the previous bet and automatically ordering the dealer to deal.

Score information

  • CASH — the player balance
  • BET — the sum of the current bet
  • WIN — the sum of the current win

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