Game rules

Russian Poker

The objective of the game consists in gathering the better hand the dealer’s.

A pack of 52 cards from Two to Ace of every suit is used. Ace is the highest card in suit, Two-value card is the lowest. There is no priority among suits. Before every deal the pack is shuffled.

The game starts with the player making the first bet on ANTE field. In addition to the initial ANTE bet the player can make another type of bets before the dealer deals: a bonus bet. The bonus plays if immediately after the deal the player gets the winning combination that is not lower than trey. To make a bet on the bonus the player has to move his chips to the field with B on it. The size of the bet can range from the minimum allowed bet on ANTE on this table to the sum five times less than the minimum allowed bet on ANTE.

In Russian poker you can play in several boxes — for a separate player on each of them. The features of the game in several boxes are listed below. To show the willingness to play in several boxes you need to make bets on ANTE fields of the chosen number of boxes and press DEAL.

The player and dealer are dealt with five face-down cards each. The last card of the dealer is opened.

Right after the deal the bonus bet is checked. If the player has the winning combination that is no lower than trey, the bonus is paid according to the paytable below. If the player does not have such a combination, the bet goes to the casino.

Now the player can see his cards, evaluate his hand, and therefore do of the four actions:

  • If the player thinks his hand is not good enough, he can surrender immediately pressing PASS. Though he loses ANTE bet.
  • If the player thinks his hand is right, he presses PLAY and continues playing with the existing cards. In this case he makes the main BET that equals double ANTE.
  • If the player wants to hit the sixth card to get a more successful combination, he presses TAKE 6th. The buying of the sixth card is paid with the sum which is equal to ANTE. Though the player now has six cards, anyway the five-card combination is made.
  • If the player wishes to change from 1 to 5 cards from his hand, he picks the cards he wants to change with the cursor and presses CHANGE. The dealer changes the cards. The change of any number of cards is paid with the sum equal to ANTE bet.

At this stage the player may be offered to make one more bet: insurance, in case his combination is not lower that trey. Insurance is made on the event of dealer having “no game”. This is the name for a case when the dealer has no combination at the point to open the cards. You can make insurance by moving the chips to I field that appears instead of B field. The size of the bet varies from of two ANTE to maximum posible win in a round.

Having done the necessary actions, the player has to evaluate his combination once more. If he considers his cards to be successful, he makes the main BET, and the dealer opens the cards.

Now everything depends on whether the dealer has the “game”, that is the winning combination.

First of all let’s examine the case when the dealer has the “game”. In such a case the combinations of the dealer and player are compared. If the dealer’s combination is higher – the player loses all his bets except the insurance. If the player has the higher combination, he is paid the sum of the main bet multiplied by the coefficient of the combination, the paytable of which is given below. You ought to bear in mind that ANTE bet as well as insurance is not paid in case the dealer has the game.

In the event that the dealer has “no game”, while the player has the combination, the player receives the payment equal to ANTE and insurance.

If the player is absolutely sure in his hand and wants to get his well-earned win, he can buy the game for the dealer by pressing BUY. Such operation will cost the sum equal to ANTE. The dealer changes his highest card till he gathers the combination. Then the player’s and dealer’s cards are compared, and the winner is defined by the described scheme.

In the event that the card combinations of the croupier and player are the same, then the game is supposed to end in draw. In case of draw BET, ANTE and insurance return to the player, and therefore he loses and wins nothing.

In the end of the round the player can make a new bet pressing NEW, or repeat the bet pressing REPEAT].

Some peculiarities of the game in several boxes

When playing in several boxes there are certain differences.

The 3rd box always plays closed: the player puts the initial ANTE bet and the main BET at once. In the third box the player cannot buy or change cards, as well as surrender – the third box plays in any case.

In the first and second boxes the player is allowed to make one hit or change.

To buy the dealer a game costs one ANTE bet in the box. If you buy a game for the dealer, he changes one (just one) of his cards. The boxes which the game is bought for the dealer in will be paid according to the results of the change, in the rest of the boxes only ANTE bet will be paid.

Combinations (in ascending order)

Combination Description
No game Cards do not form any of the abovementioned combinations, e.g. J-10-7-5-2.
Ace-King Ace and King of random suits, e.g. A-К-8-7-3.
One Pair Two cards of one rank, e.g. 8-8-К-4-2.
Two pairs Two cards of one rank and two of the other, e.g. A-A-5-5-10.
Three of a kind 3 cards of one rank, e.g. 9-9-9-Q-4.
Straight 5 successive cards, e.g. 9-8-7-6-5. Card suits do not matter. Ace can be either the highest (A-К-Q-J-10), or the lowest card of the combination (5-4-3-2-A). The sequence with Ace inside (3-2-A-К-Q) is not considered a straight.
Flush 5 cards of one suit.
Full House 3 cards of one rank and two of the other, e.g. 6-6-6-K-K.
Four of a kind 4 cards of one rank, e.g. 4 Jacks or 4 five-value cards (plus one outside card).
Straight Flush Straight in one suit.
Royal Flush The highest poker combination - 5 high cards of the same suit (A-К-Q-J-10).

Another prominent difference of Russian poker is that if the player apart from the winning combination can have the second poker hand developed, it will also be paid. Though at least on cards from the second combination should not be a part of the first one.

Paytable if the dealer has a game

Combination Payoff
Royal Flush 100:1
Straight Flush 50:1
Four of a kind 20:1
Full House 7:1
Flush 5:1
Straight 4:1
Three of a kind 3:1
Two pairs 2:1
One Pair 1:1
Ace-King 1:1

Bonuses Paytable

Combination Payoff
Royal Flush 1000:1
Straight Flush 500:1
Four of a kind 200:1
Full House 70:1
Flush 50:1
Straight 40:1
Three of a kind 20:1
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