Game rules

Texas Hold’Em

The objective of the game is to gather the strongest five-card combination using the player’s two cards and five community cards. A standard pack with 52 equal suit is used.

In the beginning of the round the player makes the initial bet moving the chips to ANTE field. After pressing DEAL the cards are dealt. The player and casino are dealt two cards face-down.

Having seen his cards the player makes the decision. He has two options. The first one: if the player thinks he has bad cards – he can give up pressing PASS button. In this case the player loses his initial bet. If the player is satisfied with his cards, he presses RESPOND thereby he makes a bet on the FLOP field which equals double ANTE.

Now the dealer places three flop cards face up on the table. It is the player’s turn to make a decision. In case he has good cards, he presses BET adding the bet equal to ANTE on the TURN field following which the fourth card is opened. If the player is not sure whether the combination is successful, he presses CHECK and the fourth community card is opened.

It is again the player’s turn to make a decision. In case of good cards, he presses BET adding the bet equal to ANTE on the RIVER field, but if he is not completely sure, he presses CHECK passing the bet. The dealer opens the fifth community card following which the dealer opens his cards after river is dealt.

The winner is that whose range of cards combination is higher. Playing cards are those which define the gathered combination, the player and croupier choose which five cards out of seven will be playing on their own. If players get equal combinations, precedence is defined among cards in combination and if they are equal - emong the cards left.

If after the cards are opened it is the player who loses, then all the bets go to the casino. If the player wins, he gets twice as much as he bets (all the bets made by the player are counted: Ante, Flop, Turn, River). Ante bet is paid only if the player’s combination is no less than street.

When the round is over, the player can make a new bet pressing NEW, or repeat his bet pressing REPEAT.

Combinations (sorted by range growth)

Combination Description
High card In case the player does not have the combination of cards, then the cards with the highest rank is counted. In case the player and croupier do not have the combination of cards, the cards with highest rank are compared.
One pair Any pair of cards of one rank. E.g. two kings or two 8-value cards, etc.
Two pairs Two pairs of cards. E.g. two 8-value cards and two kings simultaneously.
Three of a kind Three cards of one rank. E.g. three kings.
Straight All five player’s cards are sorted by ascending order of their rank. E.g. 2-3-4-5-6. Ace can be either the lowest or the highest card. E.g. there can be the combination of Т-2-3-4-5 and it will be considered street.
Flush The player must have five cards of one suit. If the tournament ends in draw, then the suit is not counted when defining the winner, only the rank of cards is used.
Full House The player must concurrently have three cards of one rank and two cards of one rank. E.g. three kings and two 10-value cards.
Four of a kind The player must have four cards of one rank. E.g. 4 queens.
Straight Flush All 5 player’s cards must be sorted by ascending order and be of one suit. E.g. 2-3-4-5-6 spades.
Royal Flush Ace, king, queen, jack, 10 of one suit.
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