Game help


help roulette 

  1. Options.
  2. Game control panel. By pressing the buttons on the panel, the player executes all the game actions available at definite moment during the game.
  3. Score information. The information concerning the current balance of the player, his bets, and wins is displayed here.
  4. Panel to choose bets. It is used to choose the value when betting. To make a bet the player should choose the chip and click it on the bet field.
  5. Updating the balance.
  6. Information about the result of the game.
  7. Table betting limits for the table.
  8. The marker that is placed on the winning number.
  9. Main betting area. The field where the player can make his main bets for the roulette: numbers, odds.
  10. Additional betting area. The field that is a projection of the roulette wheel. It includes definite combinations from the main betting area and groups of numbers. “Final” bets.
  11. History of the winning numbers. The list of the last ten winning numbers.
  12. Current winning number.
  13. Play button. The list of game buttons is presented below.
  14. Chip.
  15. Switching modes of play: Normal / Fast Play.


  • UNDO — removes last a bet.
  • DOUBLE — doubles all bets on the table.
  • SPIN — spins the wheel.
  • CLEAR ALL — removes all bets on the table.
  • REBET AND SPIN — repeats the bets made in previous round and spins the roulette wheel.
  • REBET — repeats the bets made in previous round.

Score information

  • CASH — the player balance
  • BET — the sum of the current bet
  • CASH — the sum of the current win

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