Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is a regulatory document on collection and applying of privacy information about the Users, collected by the Operator.

We encourage You to review information stated below in order to beware of meaningful data, including parameters for collection and applying of information about the Client, unless other provided, capitalized terms and names, deprived of specific definition in this Privacy Policy should be interpreted according to the generally accepted rules.

Information collected and used by the Operator

According to the terms & conditions of this Privacy Policy we collect the following information about the Clients whereby we establish the identity:

  • Name and second name of the User;
  • Registered/residential address;
  • Telephone numbers;
  • E-mail, etc.

Our staff, managers, partners and other representatives process this information according to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.

You are considered to be automatically acquitted with the current rules, stipulated by this Privacy Policy from the moment of registration aimed at the usage of our services, by filling the registration form or using any service/possibility of the site. You agree for the data processing, obtained by our staff, partners and other specialists, in any manner related to the work of the Company.

If for some reason You do not want to disclose Your personal information basing on the provisions, stipulated by this document, You undertake not to fill Your personal information in the columns provided on any page of our Internet resource, as well as not to provide any contacts and identifying information by the telephone. In this case we will be not able to provide You an access to some or all services of our Company.

If You have already filled Your information, but for personal or any other reasons, specified in this Privacy Policy, want to terminate personal data processing, You should contact us. We will immediately take measures in order to terminate processing of Your personal information.

In this case, it's important to understand that Your refusal from personal information processing, as well as closure of the Client’s account, incurs inability to use certain services.

Links for applications and other websites, managed by the third party might be put on the web-platform, wherefore we are not liable for Your personal information used by other websites, as well as for their content.

A “tick” in the registration form is automatically put in the space for newsletter join, containing information about special offers and future events. If You do NOT want to receive any e-mail from us, we recommend You to remove a “tick” in the process of registration.

Although, it does not mean that action is irrevocable and You are not able to use our promotions in further. You may join newsletter any time through ‘My Account’ and update information. Also, this operation may be performed by our Operators at Your request.

If You want to get information about the future events and promotions via SMS messages, this function can be deactivated. If You do not want to get SMS messages, You may anytime contact us via

Client’s Personal Information

Data collection is performed in order for You to:

  1. create a Personal Account for the access to all services provided by the Company, replenish Your account, place bets, gain and withdraw financial resources.
  2. provide a contact between You and Support Service. By filling Client’s registration form, You receive an access to the comments and on-line support services.
  3. enable us to comply with the registration rules. In this respect, personal information is used for verification of age.
  4. get information about promotions, current events and other offers.

In addition to the general tasks, we transfer information about the Clients to our partners, who process this information in order to:

  1. create and control Your Account.
  2. use any services provided by the Company.
  3. transfer information to the third parties, including financial institutions, verification organizations, credit companies and all other regulatory authorities.
  4. Information is also used for statistic reports, analysis of the services provided.
  5. Information is required for monitoring and record of the Services used by the Client, for us to develop the medium and service quality.
  6. prepare demonstrative materials and special content according to the Client’s personal information analysis.
  7. perform regular SMS-messaging of Account Holders about recent changes, new developments, updates, changes in terms & conditions of current Privacy Policy.
  8. enforce the Company to fulfill the obligations, based on transparency, responsibility, as well as to regulate legislative actions.
  9. enforce and comply with the rules and requirements on fulfillment of legislative duties, respect interests of other professional organizations.
  10. carry out investigative actions resulting from violation of the law, prevention of fraud and other criminal acts related to our services.
  11. analyze and draw up documentation on committed crime by the Parties, for example, money laundering.
  12. enforce contractual relationship between the Parties.

The Operator has the right and undertakes to:

  1. keep and process Client’s personal information on the basis of proprietary software or technological systems owed by the third Parties, who obtain the right to process Your information provided.
  2. guarantee You the absence of spam messages, containing irrelevant information about promotions and offers of representatives of the third Parties;
  3. use the User’s name only for advertising promotions and other marketing activities.
  4. Upon contact between the Client and the Support Service the voice recording is performed for staff training and security of the Client.
  5. The Company reserves the right to transfer this information only in special cases, for example, if the business is sold, or any interests are realized. These rules also extend in case of the Company's bankruptcy.
  6. If necessary, Client’s personal information can be updated by the first parties. It is obligatory for fraud prevention and fair game. Free access to private information (social networks and other media) may also be used with a purpose to update the Client’s information.

Client’s personal information updating

  1. The User can delete or update his information from Personal Account on the website. For this purpose, please, contact our Support Service. However, we reserve the right to keep the copies of Your personal information for our limit case files.
  2. If necessary, the Client can request a copy of his personal information preserved in our database. For this purpose contact our Support Service in advance (for 28 days) notifying us of the relevant request.
  3. In some cases, a request to delete or provide such copy can be rejected, for example, if it is not substantiated. Processing of such information requires considerable efforts and time from the Company's employees.

Information security

We make everything required to make our Clients feel comfortable and safe, providing personal information and unauthorized access services protection. Safety measures include a set of measures for Your personal data security.

According to this Privacy Policy, we provide to our Clients information security and save their personal information from the moment of their registration. However, our specialists do not guarantee safety of Your information, posted on any other internet resources. In this respect, disclosing Your personal information online, You take any risks related to information disclosure and become responsible for violation or any risks related to this. The exception is negligence of duties by the Company employees.

IP address

Browser is a main mean for the Internet access. Browser saves all information, including search requests, language used for work with Webmedia, IP address and other data regardless Web developer and software naming.

IP address contains a set of numbers, used for identification of Your personality both by provider of services and the sites You browse. The protocol is automatically stored on the servers of the Company, which is necessary for collection of data and further web session statistics maintenance. We use Client’s IP addresses for server diagnostics. However, IP address is never used as identification means.


To inform us on the breach of any terms & conditions by the Company listed above, please, contact our Support Service and we will resolve this problem.