Terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions

Online Gambling Rules (hereinafter – the Rules).

Golden Cave Casino (hereinafter – the Casino).

1. Terms

1.1. Application.

These Rules determine the terms on which Casino Customers may use, have access to and participate in the services provided by the Casino.

1.2. “Casino” – gambling activities and services provided on the sites / site uniting the activities of a network of companies related to acceptance of bets from Customers, provision of gambling activities, repayment of potential winnings.

1.2.1. The Golden Cave Casino Online Casino is owned and operated by
corporate identification: 3-102-754737

1.3. “Casino Customer” – a user of the Software / Program provided by the Casino.

1.4. “Bet / Bets” – any amounts of money gambled by the Casino Customer at the Casino.

1.5. “Device” – means any application access devices allowing and helping Customers to receive and use Casino services, including personal computers, notebooks, mobile phones, pocket PCs, and smartphones used to access Casino services.

1.6. “Software / Program” – a technical product /products, the license and permits to use which is held by the Casino, including program files, data files or other related content which must be loaded, opened or otherwise used when receiving Casino services.

2. Acceptance of the Rules

2.1. Prior to receiving Casino services and obtaining access, the Customer shall confirm familiarization with the Rules and his/her consent to being fully subject to and governed by the Rules by leaving a relevant mark on the Casino sites.

2.2. Partial consent to the Rules is not allowed. The Customer’s Rules acceptance mark shall automatically evidence that the Customer has accepted absolutely all provisions hereof.

2.3. Ignorance of / non-familiarization with these Rules shall not release the Customer from liability for non-compliance therewith or violation thereof. The Customer’s Rules acceptance mark shall automatically evidence that the Customer has accepted absolutely all provisions hereof.

3. Access to Casino Services

3.1. The software shall be provided by the Casino without any guarantees, conditions, obligations, representations, expressed or implied, with respect to the services, provided or received.

3.2. The Casino and any persons or structures related thereto cannot and do not guarantee that:

3.2.1. the Casino’s software will operate error-free or uninterrupted;

3.2.2. use of the software online will be free of viruses and virus programs.

4. Use of Services

4.1. By accepting the Rules, the Customer confirms that:

4.1.1. s/he is of full age 18+ years under the applicable personal law (law of citizenship, law of residence, etc.);

4.1.2. s/he acts on his/her own behalf and in his/her own interest;

4.1.3. his/her legal capacity and ability to act is not limited;

4.1.4. s/he was not diagnosed as a pathological or compulsive gambler;

4.1.5. his/her participation in online gambling is legal under the applicable law of his/her place of residence or citizenship;

4.1.6. s/he is not a resident / citizen of the US, Costa Rica, Japan, North Korea, Iran;

4.1.7. s/he assumes the obligation not to use or access the Casino’s services and information resources for illegal or unlawful purposes, or illegally tamper with the Casino’s information resources, or provide access to third parties;

4.1.8. s/he assumes the obligation not to cause material or moral damage to the Casino, any persons and structures related thereto or to other customers by committing any illegal or unlawful acts;

4.1.9. s/he is aware of and fully understands the risk of property losses related to the use of Casino services;

4.1.10. s/he does not use illegally derived funds;

4.1.11. s/he assumes the obligation to keep his/her own user name, account number and password secret, confidential and protected against unauthorized access, promptly notify the Casino of real or potential risk of disclosure of personal information for access to Casino services;

4.1.12. s/he will not disseminate information resources containing viruses, malware or capable of affecting the provision of services by the Casino or its information resources;

4.1.13. s/he will not collect information about the Casino and its Customers or by any methods or actions prevent other Customers from receiving Casino services;

4.1.14. s/he accepts the fact that gambling results at the Casino are determined by the Random Number Generator and accepts such results. In an exceptional case, where the result displayed by the software differs from that received on the server, the latter shall prevail with the Casino’s archival records being the main authority in determining the terms and circumstances of the Customer’s participation in the gambling process;

4.1.15. s/he accepts the fact that bets are made by his/her own choice and decision, at his/her own discretion and risk;

4.1.16. s/he consents to the performance of all financial transactions on behalf of the Casino;

4.1.17. s/he is fully liable for the supply and maintenance of all computer equipment, telecommunication networks and Internet access required to access Casino services. The Casino is in no way liable for any harm or damage caused to the Customer by the Internet or telecommunication services provider;

4.1.18. s/he is not in collusion, is not attempting to enter into collusion, nor intends to participate, directly or indirectly, in any collusion with any other Customer when receiving services from the Casino;

4.1.19. s/he had no gambling account at the Casino or any other online gambling establishment that was temporarily or permanently blocked or removed;

4.1.20. s/he has no current gambling account at the Casino. Register more than one account per person, IP, email address, billing information is strictly prohibited.

4.1.21. it shall be his/her full responsibility to pay all taxes, levies and other mandatory payments related to receiving income at the Casino in the form of a prize, winnings or other proceeds. All information and data provided by the Customer at registration for the purpose of using Casino services are accurate and will be regularly updated, if there is an update of the actual Customer information or data.

4.2. The Customer shall be fully liable for any violation of these provisions.

4.3. Registration is conducted by opening an account.

4.4. The account is opened by completing the appropriate form.

4.4.1. The Casino reserves the right to decline the Customer’s Application for Casino services without giving any reasons to the Customer.

4.4.2. The Customer has the right to open only one account at the Casino.

4.5. The Casino shall provide quality, fast and safe services to its Customers in accordance with these Rules.

4.6. Acceptance of Bets:

4.6.1. The Casino reserves the right to decline any bet of the Customer without giving any reasons thereto.

4.7. The Casino shall have the right to refuse to continue providing services to the Customer, with or without closure of the Customer’s account (at the Casino’s discretion) in the following cases:

4.7.1. The Customer has more than one account at the Casino;

4.7.2. The Customer’s name does not match the name on the credit/debit card;

4.7.3. The Customer provided misleading/false information at registration;

4.7.4. The Customer, by virtue of applicable law (both national and international), has no right to participate in gambling.

4.7.5. By virtue of applicable law (both national and international), the Customer’s legal capacity / ability to act is limited (in whole or in part);

4.7.6. The Customer uses criminally derived funds;

4.7.7. The Customer has acted in violation of these Rules, interests of the Casino or those of other Customers.

5. Payment for Services and Receipt of Prize

5.1. The Customer shall be fully liable for payment of all sums required to receive services from the Casino.

5.1.1. The credit / debit card details provided by the Client during registration belong to him as the main registered card holder and this card has not been reported as lost or stolen and is not such.

5.2. The Customer may not withdraw his/her bet, if the game is already ongoing.

5.2.1 When withdrawing funds from the casino account, the Casino administration may ask the Customer to provide documents proving his/her identity (KYC Policy). The client must provide:
- A copy of the identity document. A copy must be of good quality.
- A photo of the front of the card from which the deposit was made. The photo must be of good quality.
- Screenshot your E-wallet from which you made a deposit. Must clearly show your personal information, except confidentially.
The Customer must provide reliable data about himself/herself within 5 working days.

5.3.The winnings of the Customer are transferred to the Customer by the payment method that the Customer has chosen from the withdrawal list. Payment time is from 12 hours to 5 business days. More details about the rules of Deposit and Withdrawal can be found on the PAYMENTS page.

5.3.1 Golden Cave Casino gives permission to withdraw money from the game account through payment systems that the Casino Client used to deposit money into his existing game account. All withdrawals are processed and paid in accordance with the rules established by payment systems. These rules may change from time to time. Funds that the Casino Client can withdraw from the gaming account are UNLIMITED. The minimum amount that a casino client can withdraw from a gaming account is $20 for payment systems and $50 for Visa / Mastercard. Weekly payout does not exceed $ 25,000. Amounts exceeding the limits are paid in parts.

5.3.2 If the Customer has made a deposit, but did not want to use the services of the Casino, he/she can make a refund in accordance with the rules of withdrawal. The Customer makes a request for withdrawal or may contact support. The deadline for applying for a refund is 24 hours after the deposit. If, according to the client's information, another person has used his account, the period for filing a refund request is increased up to 30 calendar days. If the deposit was made using a credit or debit card, the refund will be made to the card with which the deposit was made. When requesting a refund, the client must provide the documents specified in clause 5.2.1. of these rules. Refund is made within 12 hours to 5 business days.

5.4. All bank expenses shall be borne by the relevant Customer.

6. AML.

6.1. The Casino Administration adheres to the principles of combating money laundering and actively impedes actions aimed at the legalization of proceeds of crime.
The finance department keeps records of all transactions. The financial department also monitors the activities of each client in order to identify suspicious transactions. The customer can only use a personal bank card or a personal account in the payment system. Third party payments are prohibited.When suspicious transactions are identified, consultations are held with payment systems with which the company owning the Casino has signed agreements. If the Customer has used a bank card or an account in the payment system that does not belong to him, his Casino account will be blocked, winnings will be canceled, and the deposit will be returned to the real owner of the card or an account in the payment system.
The casino client cannot use cash for deposits and withdrawals.

7. Confidentiality

7.1. The Casino will not make public or otherwise disclose to third parties information received from the Customer as well as information related to the Customer’s activities, receipt of Casino services or his/her gambling activities without the prior special official express written consent of such Customer.

7.2. Clause 7.1. may be waived by the Casino to provide to third parties only such information as may be required to observe applicable current law or implement the demands or decisions of competent governmental or judicial authorities whose jurisdiction extends to the Casino and any persons and structures related thereto.

8. Liability

8.1. Liability of the gambling participants (Customers and Casino) shall be governed by these Rules and applicable international law.

8.2. The Customer shall be liable for any moral and property damage, losses and expenses of the Casino under applicable national and international laws.

8.3. The Casino shall be liable for providing quality, fast and safe services to its Customers, except for the following cases, where the Casino shall be free from any liability:

8.3.1. provision of Internet or other technical assistance services, provision of support / related services by third parties;

8.3.2. presence, appearance of viruses or virus-infected programs which are abundantly present online;

8.3.3. damage, losses or expenses, including interference, damage to the software or to the Customer’s technical and information databases in connection with his/her access to and use of Casino services and Internet access.

9. Intellectual Property Right

9.1. Information, materials, data, devices, software, programs, texts, brand names, trademarks, and trade names, graphics, audio and video materials, marketing programs, statistics shall be the exclusive property of Tropical Gaming LLC and/or the appropriate third party and protected by international intellectual property laws.

9.2. Any violation of the Casino’s intellectual property right will be punishable under applicable national and international law.

9.3. Except as provided herein or in accordance with a special request to the Casino and the Casino’s consent, obtained accordingly, the Customer shall not in any way or manner adapt, copy, modify, reproduce, save, disseminate, publicly display, or otherwise provide access for third parties, destroy, alter or supplement the information resources of the Casino.

10. Amendments and Additions

10.1. The Casino shall have the right to, with such frequency as it may deem necessary or advisable, make amendments and additions to the current applicable Rules.

10.2. Information on all amendments and additions will be available on the Casino’s site/sites.

10.3. The Customer shall be liable for familiarization with the amendments and additions hereto pursuant to clauses 2.2 and 2.3 hereof.

10.4. The Customer whose game was ongoing at the time of amendments or additions here to will continue the game under the old Rules, until it is appropriately over.